Legal regulations

In the last year Macedonian legislation on human trafficking has gone through several changes that contributed on straightening in combating against human trafficking. Regarding this legislation, Republic of Macedonia has been one of the countries that made progress on combating against human being.  According to the 2013 report of human beings   by the American Stead Department- (countries that successful combat with human beings,) Macedonia together with Croatia are rank in the group one countries which successful deal with the human trafficking.

On February 2002 the notion trafficking with people was criminalized in Macedonian Penalty Code as ” Criminalization against humanity and international law” by supplementing  in the  Article 418-a  paragraph 1 from the Penalty Code as  following:

“A person who by force, serious threat misleads or uses other forms of coercion, kidnapping, deception with abuse of his/her own position or a position of pregnancy, weakness, physical or mental incapability of another person, or by giving or receiving money or other benefits in order to obtain agreement of a person that has control over other person or in any other manner, recruits, transports, transfers, buys, sells, harbors or accepts persons for the purpose of exploitation through prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, pornography, forced labour or servitude, slavery, forced marriages, forced fertilization, unlawful adoption, or similar relationship or illicit transplantation of human body parts, shall be punished with imprisonment of at least four years”
Supplementary articles from the Penalty Code relevant to the action against human beings are:
Founding a slave relationship and transportation of persons in slavery” (Article 418), “Smuggling of migrants” (Article 418-b), “Organizing a group and instigation to commit acts of trafficking in human beings, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in children” (Article 418-b),

Also in 2008 was supplemented amendment to the Article 418-g paragraph 1 from the Penalty Code named as “Trafficking in children” and was made supplements to this article by including legal responsibility for trafficking with people. The latest supplements in the Article 418 paragraph 1 from the Penalty Code were made on February 2014, where the word “fertilization” was replaced by “pregnancy”, and “begging and exploitation through illegal activity” were added to the forms of exploitation. In the Article 418-g paragraph 1 from the Penalty Code also was replace the word “under age” with “child”. In Macedonian legislation the notion “victims of human trafficking” is not define as such. In 2008 in  Macedonian Penalty Code were made supplement, at which the notion “victims of trafficking” is define as individual that face physical, mental injury, emotional suffering,  material  damage or other severity that  are harming their freedom and rights as a consequences of the criminal action.

  • Installation "Handle with Care



    Friday, November 2 at the National Gallery of Macedonia -Mala Station, we successfully opened the art installation "Handle with Care." Thanks to all the citizens, institutions, CSO and international organizations that came to see the event and support the initiative.

    The messages s was clear, it is necessary to continue together with the efforts against trafficking in human beings both at the international and at the national level. We need to ensure the timely identification and to provide unreserved protection to victims.

    On November 3, we continued with panel discussion, with representatives of MTSP, HOPS, Coalition of margins, Open Gate/ La Strada and other participants’ mostly young professionals and other citizens.

    We agreed that trafficking in human beings should not be a taboo topic. The recruitment of women's rights, the strengthening and support of women and girls and gender equality should be at the center of the efforts to prevent trafficking in human beings and exploitation.

    For all of you who were not able to visit the event in Skopje, can come to the events planned in Tetovo on 7/8 / 9.11.2018 in the Center for Balkan Cooperation and Bitola on 13/14 / 15.11.2018 - Center for Culture. This project continues to travel in the other cities, in cooperation with the Association Women Forum Tetovo and NGO Semper Bitola. We expect to visit us.

    The project and installation Handle With Care is an initiative of the artists Patricia Kaersenhout and Jimini Hignett as a two-part exhibition at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam as part of the 150th anniversary exhibition of the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. The project is organized by the Open Gate with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Macedonia and Tirana and aims to raise awareness of the trafficking among public especially the yout

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  • Call for participants of the Regional Social Academy

    IRIS, within Network of CSOs providers of social services Initiative, lead by IDC and in partnership with Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V., are announcing the Call for participants of the Regional Social Academy, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 26thto 29th November 2018.

    Academy offers participants a unique opportunity to benefit from a diversified training package, exploring migration policy and governance in the region, linkages between migration and social service delivery, and instruments and mechanisms for protecting migrants’ rights. Participants will attend 4 day tailor-made training consisted of different learning methodologies including lectures, workshops, discussions and field visits. The Academy program will enable further improvements and optimization to the needs, interests and constraints of the participants and their institutional and organizational environments. Successful participants will obtain certificates, and enter Academy Alumni. Outstanding results at the Academy will be seen as an advantage when applying for EU based traineeships organized by IRIS Network.

    For the application procedure, please follow the link:

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  • ToR national consultant for action plan and training on the Unified SOPs Macedonia
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  • Five years on, Clean Clothes Campaign commemorates Rana Plaza workers

    Five years on, Clean Clothes Campaign commemorates Rana Plaza workers and calls for a recommitment for meaningful change in the garment industry

    Today five years ago, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. Thousands of workers at their sewing machines in the five factories that the building housed were buried in the collapsed structure ‑ 1,134 of them died, thousands more were injured. On this day our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones five years ago and with the survivors that have to live with the memories of that dreadful tragedy. Please for more information open this link: Five years on





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  • New regional initiative of the IRIS NETWORK

    New regional initiative of the IRIS NETWORK

    Joint meeting, Skopje, March 2, 2018, hosted Open Gate

    The purpose of the meeting is to present the new opportunities for cooperation and support for members of the IRIS network.

    For more information about the project, please see the following link:

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    'Used in Europe', a campaign to raise awareness on the issue of labour exploitation and human trafficking Interested to know more?
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    Raise your voice against human trafficking- 2 Part
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    Prevent Protect Compensate
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    Media campaign - Raise your voice against human trafficking- 1 Part
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