Program - Social Assistance

Social assistance program

Program for direct assistance and support include a variety of services created specifically to help and support of the trafficked persons. All services provided are aimed at overcoming the trauma of victims through activities for stabilization and in advanced stage of the process of support, their empowerment and full integration in the environment in which they will live. 

The program includes following services:

  • Providing safe housing;
  • Providing humanitarian aid;
  • Medical aid;
  • Specialized psycho-social counseling;
  • Legal advice and representation on the court;
  • Education and additional professional qualification;
  • Enhancing skills for searching for a job;
  • Coordination and cooperation with relevant organizations and institutions.

 Program for accompanying social work for socially risk categories aimed specifically for persons under high risk to become victims and trafficked persons outside shelter, which besides services of the program for direct assistance and support additionally provides:

  • Individual and family counseling;
  • facilitating access to appropriate services at the local level; and
  • long-term emotional support.

 Working with children returnees from EU countries that includes activities aimed at providing individual support to parents and children in order to facilitate integration in the social environment and includes:

  • Humanitarian Aid;
  • Timely involvement in the educational process for the children;
  • Help and support in the provision of health and social care;
  • Help to the children for easing the process of inclusion in the society after returning from the EU countries;
  • Individual and family counseling;
  • Facilitating access to appropriate services at the local level; and
  • Long-term emotional support.

 Program to support asylum seekers

Open Gate is implementing a program for vulnerable categories of persons in the process of migration that need urgent intervention, professional assistance and support in R. Macedonia. The program applies to persons who are placed in the Center for asylum seekers, and belong to the following categories of persons:

  • Unaccompanied minors;
  • Families;
  • Single parents with children;
  • Victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

The objectives are multiple and include assistance to the above mentioned categories for successful inclusion in the normal processes of social life, specifically their successful integration into society. Additionally, the aim is social mediation between the needs of these people and support system that is created by the state and is available for asylum seekers.

  • The activities within the program include:
  • Individual psycho-social counseling of program beneficiaries;
  • Educational - occupation workshops;
  • Basic lessons of Macedonian language;
  • Raising awareness of the public about the phenomena of migration and needs of asylum seekers in the country.

 Outreach activities for refugees and migrants (Gevgelija)

From August 2015 in Migrant Reception Centre near the Macedonian-Greek border, outreach teams of Open Gate La Strada Macedonia is working 24/7 with partners form UNICEF Skopje and UNHCR. Mobile teams work to reunite children with their families and provide a safe place for children to play. There is an operational child-friendly space, where children can be active, draw, play, dream about their future and receive emotional support. The experienced professionals conduct outreach work with new asylum seekers and persons in refugee like situation, specifically with the families, women, children, single parents, gender and sexual based violence victims, unaccompanied minors and as well man showing signs of trauma.

 Outreach team of social workers & psychologist provide primarily:

  • Identification of risk categories
  • Psycho-social support
  • Referral to other services for specific cases; through direct cooperation and coordination the mobile teams refer the specific cases that need additional services and support.
  • Humanitarian aid

 Outreach team of pedagogues and other professionals providing:

  • emotional support to children
  • occupational therapy
  • basic education
  • services to children



  • Installation "Handle with Care



    Friday, November 2 at the National Gallery of Macedonia -Mala Station, we successfully opened the art installation "Handle with Care." Thanks to all the citizens, institutions, CSO and international organizations that came to see the event and support the initiative.

    The messages s was clear, it is necessary to continue together with the efforts against trafficking in human beings both at the international and at the national level. We need to ensure the timely identification and to provide unreserved protection to victims.

    On November 3, we continued with panel discussion, with representatives of MTSP, HOPS, Coalition of margins, Open Gate/ La Strada and other participants’ mostly young professionals and other citizens.

    We agreed that trafficking in human beings should not be a taboo topic. The recruitment of women's rights, the strengthening and support of women and girls and gender equality should be at the center of the efforts to prevent trafficking in human beings and exploitation.

    For all of you who were not able to visit the event in Skopje, can come to the events planned in Tetovo on 7/8 / 9.11.2018 in the Center for Balkan Cooperation and Bitola on 13/14 / 15.11.2018 - Center for Culture. This project continues to travel in the other cities, in cooperation with the Association Women Forum Tetovo and NGO Semper Bitola. We expect to visit us.

    The project and installation Handle With Care is an initiative of the artists Patricia Kaersenhout and Jimini Hignett as a two-part exhibition at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam as part of the 150th anniversary exhibition of the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. The project is organized by the Open Gate with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Macedonia and Tirana and aims to raise awareness of the trafficking among public especially the yout

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  • Call for participants of the Regional Social Academy

    IRIS, within Network of CSOs providers of social services Initiative, lead by IDC and in partnership with Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V., are announcing the Call for participants of the Regional Social Academy, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 26thto 29th November 2018.

    Academy offers participants a unique opportunity to benefit from a diversified training package, exploring migration policy and governance in the region, linkages between migration and social service delivery, and instruments and mechanisms for protecting migrants’ rights. Participants will attend 4 day tailor-made training consisted of different learning methodologies including lectures, workshops, discussions and field visits. The Academy program will enable further improvements and optimization to the needs, interests and constraints of the participants and their institutional and organizational environments. Successful participants will obtain certificates, and enter Academy Alumni. Outstanding results at the Academy will be seen as an advantage when applying for EU based traineeships organized by IRIS Network.

    For the application procedure, please follow the link:

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  • ToR national consultant for action plan and training on the Unified SOPs Macedonia
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  • Five years on, Clean Clothes Campaign commemorates Rana Plaza workers

    Five years on, Clean Clothes Campaign commemorates Rana Plaza workers and calls for a recommitment for meaningful change in the garment industry

    Today five years ago, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. Thousands of workers at their sewing machines in the five factories that the building housed were buried in the collapsed structure ‑ 1,134 of them died, thousands more were injured. On this day our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones five years ago and with the survivors that have to live with the memories of that dreadful tragedy. Please for more information open this link: Five years on





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  • New regional initiative of the IRIS NETWORK

    New regional initiative of the IRIS NETWORK

    Joint meeting, Skopje, March 2, 2018, hosted Open Gate

    The purpose of the meeting is to present the new opportunities for cooperation and support for members of the IRIS network.

    For more information about the project, please see the following link:

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