Contact information of The International
                      La Strada Association

La Strada International 
The International La Strada Association 
De Wittenstraat 25, 1052 AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
Telephone: +31 20 688 1414
Fax: +31 20 688 1013

 La Strada Belarus
International Public Association “Gender Perspectives”
P.O. Box 74, Minsk 220088, Belarus
Telephone/fax: +375 17 211 02 51
National toll-free hotline:113

La Strada Bulgaria  
Animus Association/La Strada Bulgaria
85 Ekzarh Yossif St., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone/fax: +359 2 983 5205, + 359 2 983 5305, + 359 2 983 5405
Helpline (24hrs): +359 2 981 76 86 
Crisis Unit: +359 2 983 38 55 

La Strada Czech Republic
La Strada Czech Republic, o.p.s.
P.O. Box 305, 111 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Telephone/fax: +420 2 22 72 18 10
Hotline:+420 2 22 71 7171

La Strada Macedonia
Open Gate/La Strada Macedonia
P.O. Box 110, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Telephone:+389 2 2700 107 
Hotline: +389 2 2777 070 (phone calls from Macedonia and abroad)                                     
0800 11111 (free of charge in Macedonia)
Fax : +389 2 2700 367

La Strada Moldova
International Women Rights Protection and Promotion Center “La Strada”
P.O. Box 259, Chisinau, Moldova 2012 
Hotline: +373 22 23 33 09 (phone calls from Moldova and abroad) 
0 800 77777 (free of charge in Moldova)
Telephone:+373 22 23 49 06
Fax: +373 22 23 49 07 

La Strada the Netherlands
COMENSHA/La Strada Netherlands 
Regentesselaan 31, 3818 HH Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 33 461 50 29
Hotline: +31 33 448 11 86
Fax: +31 33 461 80 64

La Strada Poland
La Strada Foundation against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery
P.O. Box 5, 00-956 Warsaw 10, Poland
Telephone/fax: +48 22 622 19 85
Hot line: +48 22 628 99 99

La Strada Ukraine
International Women’s Rights Center, La Strada Ukraine
P.O. Box 26, Kyiv 113, Ukraine 03113
Telephone: +380 44 205 36 95
Fax:+380 44 205 37 36
Hotline:0 800 500 225 (free of charge in Ukraine)
0 800 500 335 (free of charge in Ukraine)
386 (free for Kyivstar, Beeline, Life mobile operators)

Non-governmental organizations

Global Survival Network

STOP TRAFFIC list archives

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Human Rights Watch

International Organization for Migration

Foundation of Women's Forum/Stiftelsen Kvinnoforum


ECPAT (End Child Prostitution And Trafficking)

 Terre des hommes

  • CREATE HOPE Humanitarian art bazaar of handicrafts

    CREATE HOPE is the motto of the Humanitarian Art Bazaar of handicrafts created by refugees to be held in honor of #WorldRefugeeDay.
    139 refugees and migrants created over 100 pieces of jewelry, ornaments and pictures as part of the 15 art therapy workshops held in transit centers Tabanovce and Vinojug and reception center Vizbegovo.
    The artifacts will be on sale, and the funds raised will be used to support the needs of refugees and migrants in Macedonia.
    USAID's Migrant and Refugee Human Rights Protection Project, implemented by Macedonian Young Lawyers Association in cooperation with Open Gate - Open Gate: La Strada Macedonia invites you to be part of this event and to contribute to strengthening public awareness of refugees and to the welfare of these people.
    USAID Macedonia #withrefugees #refugeeday

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  • Global Monthly Surveillance Report

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  • We call today upon all European governments to implement the
    10 points of action described below to ensure
    that trafficked persons can access their right to
    compensation and to remove the
    obstacles that prevent them from doing to.


    This campaign is part of the Balkans ACT NOW II project which
    focuses on monitoring national anti-trafficking policies
    and the improvement of access to compensation
    for victims of human trafficking and other violent crimes.  

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  • To Say YES for better life of all refuges

    To Say YES for better life of all refuges, YES for recognitions of their human rights
    On the 20 th of June the World Refugees Day – the day of all people, who are force to say good bye for its homeland, for their first love, friends, family members, mother, father …… to leave part from their life.
    Millions of children never will forget and cope with the trauma that they survived, through the heal they gone in the unknown. To ask ourselves how much they are guilty because of the different reasons are displaced from their homes, tortured? Even though it is commonly spoken for the human rights, adopted conventions, laws, directives and strategies however today many people and children do not have the opportunities to enjoy it.  In the name of World Refugees Day, Open Gate in the Reception centres at Vinojug/Gevgelija and Tabanovce and in the Center for Asylum seekers organize variety of activates with the migrants/refugees and the asylum seekers that are in Macedonia amongst which : sports activate, visits of the ZOO in Skopje, children games, traditional food and etc. Through these activates Open Gate would like to say YES for better life of all Refugees, Yes for recognitions of their human rights.


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  • Raise your voice against human trafficking 3 Part
    Raise your voice against human trafficking 3 Part
  • Mobil Application BAN HUMAN TRAFFICKING
    Mobil Application BAN HUMAN TRAFFICKING
  • 'Used in Europe', a campaign to raise awareness on the issue of labour exploitation and human trafficking  Interested to know more?
    'Used in Europe', a campaign to raise awareness on the issue of labour exploitation and human trafficking Interested to know more?
  • Raise your voice against human trafficking- 2 Part
    Raise your voice against human trafficking- 2 Part
  • Prevent Protect Compensate
    Prevent Protect Compensate
  • Media campaign - Raise your voice against human trafficking- 1 Part
    Media campaign - Raise your voice against human trafficking- 1 Part
  • Baner Hana
    Baner Hana